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Next Games

The 7s season is under way. Training sessions Tuesday & Thursday.

The club have been invited to a number of great tournaments.

The schedule for April is:

Friday Night 11th April 2014

  • Lasswade

Saturday 19th April 2014

  • 1st 7 at North Berwick
  • 2nd 7 at Edinburgh Northern

Saturday 26th April 2014

  • 1st 7 at Langholm
  • 2nd 7 at Penicuik

Let's hope the weather improves and we can encourage a good support to get along to as many tournaments as possible.

Club Dinner

Dinner 2013

3 May at 19:00

Royal High Clubhouse in Barnton, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Positive Coaching Scotland

PCS Logo

RHC Cougars are pushing forward with attaining our Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) accreditation. This is an important step in developing the club and coaching across all age groups. We have a working party in place but keen to add to it if you are interested. Please click through to read more as we will be following up with request's for input from all club members on the form of a questionnaire as this gets underway.

So what is PCS?

Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) is an accreditation scheme through Scottish rugby looking at the ‘big picture’ of how your club is run, players are developed and the reputation and perception of your club. It focuses on three areas; the identity of your club, the coaching structure within the club and the core rugby values of the club. The main idea is to create a positive environment for everyone that comes in contact with the Cougars and recognising the positive power of rugby on the larger scale as people embark on a ‘journey’ with the club. That journey may be short and start as a senior player or a volunteer for a couple of years, it may be fleeting as a visiting team or referee or it could be long term from micro’s all the way through to an honorary life member. How will people talk about Cougars, what impression do we make on a youngster, how does the local school perceive us and does our opposition look forward to visiting us. This process gives everyone in the club a chance to engage and think about these questions, in paraphrasing the wise Abraham Lincoln – we are a club of the people, by the people and for the people!

A couple of key people within the club have started the process with Scottish rugby and will soon be identifying a working group within the ranks to strive not only to achieve an accreditation but to make a real difference to the Cougars through a PCS approach.

Look out for your opportunities to engage in the beginnings of this accreditation when we will be looking at our clubs values, identity, branding, vision and lasting impression we make on all those who come in contact with us. If you have any interest of playing a part in this please contact: (gordonlyon@hotmail.co.uk)

Match Report

RHC Cougars 1st XV -v- Dunbar

1st March 2014

Cougars win at Dunbar and move into Semi final of the East Shield.

The team travelled to Dunbar looking to secure the home semi final of the shield and with the skies clear it was a great day for rugby. We started well and following a period of pressure won a penalty which Happy converted to lead 3-0 very early on.

Following this though Dunbar showed this was not going to be an easy day with a period of pressure and also saw us lose Murray Hanning with an ankle injury to be replaced by Gordie Hunter. We also started to get penalised and ......click here to read more

Club Shop


A Zoti online store has been setup to allow members to buy kit direct from the manufacturer.
Click on the Zoti logo on the left to enter the shop. Have a look and feel free to order.

Please check the sizings as there is a no return policy. You can also get your initials on kit for a small cost. The shop will be available 24/7, the goods will be dispatched within 28 days of the order placement (you should get it within that time) but also free delivery if orders are multiple and over £25 in value.

We suggest speaking to your team mates and grouping orders to ensure free delivery.

If there other pieces that you would like to add when you look at the Zoti range speak to Dougie Cross and we will see if we can get it added to the range.

A Word from the President

I would just like to reiterate to all club members, whether you are a spectator, player or coach, that we as a club have a responsibility to ensure that we all act in accordance with the SRU directive aimed at stopping the abuse of match officials.

We want to ensure our club is a hospitable environment for all those involved in our game.

The SRU sanctions on this are severe for both the club and any individual who are found to contravene this, so please make sure you have read the link below.

Disciplinary Memo on Match Official Abuse

Please remember, match officials are happy to discuss a match afterwards in the bar, but must not be approached for the initial 20 minutes from the final whistle.

Thank You