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In Memoriam

Adam Anderson - a Corstorphine man!

Following the passing away of former Corstorphine club member Adam Anderson earlier in the year, the club have received the very generous gift of 2 defibrillators to be placed at the Union Park and Barnton Clubrooms. We would like to thank his family for this gift and I hope all members will appreciate what difference they could make to members young and old!

For those who didn't know Adam, Cavin Coyle has written a short description of him and why his family felt this would be something in fitting with what Adam would have wanted.'

Adam joined Corstorphine RFC in the early eighties as a keen supporter of rugby. He was very knowledgable about the game, with insight and passion for the finer aspects of 'this game for hooligans'. He enjoyed watching games at Union Park, travelling on tours, many of them internationals, reading and discussing the 'hot topics' of the day.

His opinion was sometimes sought on these, but regardless of this, it was inevitably given.

At first he helped out, at lower team level, quickly becoming the official 'bagman', selector and secretary for the 4th XV. This progressed into lower team secretary, selection and general committee duties. His legendary books with players' numbers have recently been discovered, akin to the Dead Sea scrolls, much acclaimed, but fortunately not easily translated!

The identity of the 4th XV team grew with Adam at it's helm, and the 4's went of tour to Cardiff for the first time in 1986. This became a very successful and biennial trip, which still has it's ageing stalwarts, travelling for a "piss up", a very long time after most have hung up their boots.

Long after the amalgamation (3rd and 4th XV!), he would still be a regular at Union Park, watching the home games, and discussing the many aspects of club and international rugby politics, and of course, the games themselves.

The donation of defibrillators to both clubhouses, is a gesture from the family, in recognition of the extremely close bond that Adam had with the club, and the years of friendship that came with it.

Club Shop


A Zoti online store has been setup to allow members to buy kit direct from the manufacturer.
Click on the Zoti logo on the left to enter the shop. Have a look and feel free to order.

Please check the sizings as there is a no return policy. You can also get your initials on kit for a small cost. The shop will be available 24/7, the goods will be dispatched within 28 days of the order placement (you should get it within that time) but also free delivery if orders are multiple and over £25 in value.

We suggest speaking to your team mates and grouping orders to ensure free delivery.

If there other pieces that you would like to add when you look at the Zoti range speak to Dougie Cross and we will see if we can get it added to the range.

A Word from the President

I would just like to reiterate to all club members, whether you are a spectator, player or coach, that we as a club have a responsibility to ensure that we all act in accordance with the SRU directive aimed at stopping the abuse of match officials.

We want to ensure our club is a hospitable environment for all those involved in our game.

The SRU sanctions on this are severe for both the club and any individual who are found to contravene this, so please make sure you have read the link below.

Disciplinary Memo on Match Official Abuse

Please remember, match officials are happy to discuss a match afterwards in the bar, but must not be approached for the initial 20 minutes from the final whistle.

Thank You